Spiritual life

DSC08851_smallThe development of Christian character and personal habits which foster a Christ-like life of devotion and ministry to the Lord are of utmost importance.
Various extra-curricular functions are planned by the Administration to assist students in this aspect of their spiritual life.

The integration of academic studies, faith and practical application cannot be taken for granted. Therefore academic, practical and spiritual development are seen as of equal importance. Each student is expected to participate fully in the activities which foster spiritual growth.

Chapel Attendance

The goal of the chapel period is to focus on the spiritual development of students. Students have opportunities for daily worship during chapel services. Chapels are designed to meet students’ needs and interests. Music, prayer and sharing are given special emphasis. Students, teachers, administrative workers and visitors from all over the world are given the opportunity to conduct these meetings. Attendance at chapel is required in the same manner as class attendance. Prayer meetings are organised in small groups. There are also class meetings and meetings for the whole University.

Membership in a Local Church

Apart from the required practicum, each student in the BTh program is required to acquire membership, as well as be involved in practical ministry within a local church in St. Petersburg during their time of study. This will ensure a student’s spiritual growth and continuous involvement in the church of their confession.

Missionary Activities

All students are encouraged to be involved in missionary activities outside of the classroom experience. Through the opportunities available in local churches and with local mission organisations, students are able to reach out to people from other educational centres and other institutions in and around St. Petersburg.

Student Behaviour

Great attention is paid to Christian behaviour of all students at SPCU. This includes their academic, practical, and ethical behaviour. Persons with unacceptable behaviour will receive appropriate warnings, or be placed on probation. A student may be suspended for one semester or more. A student may also be expelled, if deemed necessary.

Students’ Wives

Student wives are encouraged to develop their own skills during their stay at SPbCU. They are encouraged to attend classes. wives2006
This will assist them in ministering more adequately in their areas of service. Special arrangements are also made to help with the care of children. A variety of events are arranged to make the time at SPbCU for married couples and children a meaningful one.
Student wives will not be charged for class attendance, unless they are full-time students.

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