Fall Semester 2013 Courses:

  • Russian as a Foreign Languagecourses_small
  • Russian History
  • Russian Fine Arts
  • Russian Literature

Other courses are also possible for an added fee

  • History of Religion in Russia

Studying a foreign language helps us develop our skills in thinking clearly, understanding our own culture and gaining insights in another one. It enables us to better interact in the global world of today. It gives us new ways of looking at things and prompts us to think outside of our usual boxes. The Russian Language course at SPbCU is designed to help the beginner grasp some of the basics and be able to use it in actual life experiences in the dorm, on the street, in local stores and museums. Seeing and hearing it all around you is a big plus!

SPbCU’s course on Russian History provides a foundation for understanding a different perspective on life due to the experiences of this great nation from its beginngs to today’s modern world. Visits to local places of beauty and significance, as well as to Novgorod with its early democratic tendencies, and to the political center of the country in Moscow, add depth to knowledge and prompt a fuller evaluation of what happens when we choose righteousness and what happens when we turn away from God. Living in country provides many unexpected experiences that help us understand the present.

A little knowledge of basic styles of art and reasons for their prominence in a particular country or era can enable a person to appreciate many varieties in what is beautiful and worthwhile in life. This sphere of interesting skills goes beyond verbal language and helps people connect better with the thinking of another people group. SPbCU’sFine Arts course is studied mostly in world-class museums where students can view multiple original paintings and works of art. Various excursions are also organized to allow students to experience the impact of some of the many architectural wonders that exist in and around St Petersburg, including St Catherine Palace in Pushkin and Peterhoff with its amazing fountains, gardens, and gold sculptures.

The stories we read shape our mental categories and life expectations. Studying the writings of another country enhances a person’s ability to process one’s own and others’ experiences and reactions to various life situations.Russian Literature at SPbCU offers a window into the world of the past with its traditions, customs, views and beliefs which is behind and is shaping the present for the people that make up this vast nation. It offers a new grid for thought and a chance to broaden and enrich students’ understanding of the world we live in today.

These four courses are intertwined to produce the greatest effect possible. Whether a student is interested specifically in Russia or is trying to understand the world at large, this semester offers many opportunities to look through a special pair of lenses and gain a better understanding of himself and this great nation.