SPbCU and the pastors of St. Petersburg invite you to attend Evening Bible School.

The form of education is evening sessions, twice a week. The duration of the program is 8 months. Upon completion, a certificate is granted from SPbCU and the pastors of St. Petersburg.

Working with the pastors of St. Petersburg allows for you to receive foundational theological knowledge, form skills for ministry, and put them into practice.
The achievement is made possible thanks to the faculty: who not only have qualifying theological education but are also active ministers in church.

The goal of the program is simple and practical: preparation for effective ministry in local churches.

It is an evening class form of education on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-10pm.

The program offers classes in the following areas;

Doctrines on God and Man
Personality of Christ
Faith, Law of Grace
Understanding the Cross
The Bible: methods of research
Personality of the Holy Spirit
Calling, Choosing, Devotion
Discipleship and Guidance of God
Baptism, Eucharist
Discipline and Personal Training
Prayer, Worship, Praise
Christian Life: Temptation and Suffering
Mission of the Apostles and Personal Evangelism
Fruits of the Spirit
Church of the New Testament
God’s View on Finances
Family and Marriage
Ethics of Ministry in Church
Survey of the Old Testament/New Testament
History of the Church and Doctrines
Requirements for the applicants:
Recommendation from a pastor — Willingness to edified in Christian faith.

For further questions contact Alexander Belyaev:
E-mail: abelyaev@spbcu.ru
Tel: (812) 7474-25-47, Fax: (812) 747-26-47
Narvsky Pr. 13B, PO BOX 211, Saint Petersburg, 190020