Natalya Vlasikhina

Natalya Vlasikhina

Director of the Bachelor of Christian Studies program.


Counseling and Psychology

Head of the Department of Psychology and Education

Pedagogical Disciplines: Counseling, Psychology, Marriage and Family, and Conflict Resolution.

Education: St. Petersburg-Gerzin Pedagogical University, specialization: teacher-psychologist


Seminars conducted in local churches:

The Family – Myth or Reality

Conflict – Danger or Opportunity

Team Building

Happiness is When People Understand You


Additional Instruction:

St. Petersburg Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling «Harmony», International School of Psychotherapy, Counseling and Group Leadership. Specialization: Psychologist-Consultant, St. Petersburg Technical University Study Center for the preparation of leaders, education program in «Social-Psychological Training».

As a business trainer, worked with large companies such as Siemens (Moscow and St. Petersburg), ID Top Manager, Northern City Construction Co., Hotline Telecom (Moscow), Great People Holdings, Building Every Week Co., Mirt Publishing, Infotel, Carotex-Turis, K-Rauta, and Continent.

Занималась психологическим консультированием (работа с семьями, индивидуальные и предбрачные консультации) в течение 15 лет, работала на телефоне доверия для детей и подростков. Была директором христианского Психологического центра «Аллелон». Practiced counseling psychology (working with families, individuals and pre-marital counseling) for 15 years, and also worked on telephone hotline for children and teenagers.

Instructor since 2002


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“Abuse Means Love? Part 2.” Christian Newspaper «Mirt», July 2002.
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“What Does it Mean to Grow?” Christian Newspaper «Mirt», No. 6 (37), 2002.
“Difficult Happiness” Internal Peace 3 (76), 2011.
“Personal Confidence” Christian Newspaper «Mirt», March, 2003.
“The Challenge of Developing a Student’s Individual Potential in the Context of an Educational System” S.V. Kyzmina, N.V. Vlasikhina, 2012 Nizhni Novgorod-Lobachevski State University
Positive Psychology: ‘for’ and ‘against’ Published papers of the conference «Positive Confession» TAI, St. Petersburg, February 24-25, 2012.



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