Nadezhda Tarasenko

Nadezhda Tarasenko

Position - Lecturer of the Department of Biblical Studies

Degree - PhD in Theological Education, MTh in Theology, MTh in Biblical Studies

Teaching Disciplines: Induction to Biblical Studies; Introduction to the New Testament; NT Exegesis: Gospels; NT Exegesis: Epistles of Paul; Theology of Gospels; Biblical Archeology; Theological English.



1997-2002 Glazov State Pedagogical Institute, major: Philology / English and German languages, diploma

2002-2006 St. Petersburg Christian University, major: Biblical Studies and Theology, graduate program – bachelor

2006-2011 St. Petersburg Christian University, MTh in Theology and Biblical Studies

2009-2012 University of Wales, MTh in Theology

2016-2020 London School of Theology, PhD in Theological Education



“The problems of the Temple Worship in the time of Jesus – Mark 11:12-25” in Theological Reflections, Euro-Asian Theological Journal, Special Edition (2011): 63-78.

A Story in the Story: The Significance of Literature Technique of Intercalation for the Structure of the Gospel of Mark. D?sseldorf: Sanktum, 2012.

“Predictions of Jesus about “The Last Days” according to the Gospel of Mark 13:1-37” in Trudi SPbCU № 4, (2013): 39-58.

“Literature Device of Intercalations in the Gospel of Mark” – in Trudi SPbCU № 5, Dissertation Series (2015): 83-193.

The Commentary on the Gospel of Mark in Slavic Bible Commentary. EAAA, 2016


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Phone: (812) 747-2547
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Mailing address: Narvsky Pr., PO Box 211, St. Petersburg, 190020, Russia