Nadezhda Tarasenko

Position - Lecturer of the Department of Biblical Studies

Degree - PhD in Theological Education, MTh in Theology, MTh in Biblical Studies

Sergey Samoylenkov

Education: 1976-1980 Orlovsky Engineering College (Technologist) 1991-1994 SPHU (Bachelor of Theology) 1994-1996 EAAA (Master of Theology), 1998-2000, UNISA, South Africa (Master of Missiology). Position: Head of the Department of Theology and Praktichesakogo WSL. Pastor of “Logos” Baptist Church, St. Petersburg.Disciplines: Evangelism and Discipleship, Homiletics, Missiology, Practical Ecclesiology, Pastoral studies. Research interests: The church is going […]

Tatyana Nikolskaya

Head of the Department of Church History at SPbCU

Degree - Candidate of Historical Sciences (PhD)

Maria Karyakina

Position: Vice Rector for Master’sprogram, faculty.

Degree: Master of Theology (MTh) in Biblical Studies (UNISA, RSA), PhD (University of Pretoria, RSA).

Natalya Vlasikhina

Director of the Bachelor of Christian Studies program.

  Counseling and Psychology Head of the Department of Psychology and Education Pedagogical Disciplines: Counseling, Psychology, Marriage and Family, and Conflict Resolution. Education: St. Petersburg-Gerzin Pedagogical University, specialization: teacher-psychologist   Seminars conducted in local churches: The Family – Myth or Reality Conflict – Danger or Opportunity Team Building Happiness is When People Understand You   […]

Valery Alikin

Degree - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Ivan Makarenko (Ph.D.) – New Testament, Leadership

Position - Head of the Practical Theology Department.

Degree - Ph.D. (RGPU), MTh. (SPbCU., State University of Wales, UK).

Alexander Belyaev, (Master of Theology) – Hermeneutics

Position – Vice-President for Academic Affairs of SPbCU

Degree - Master of Theology (MTh) in New Testament studies, doctoral (PhD cand.) Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands.


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