SPbCU provides for:

On campus expenditures

  1. Required registration fees with the local government (including photos and HIV testing).
  2. Living space in the SPbCU dorm.
  3. Tuition for up to 12 credit hours per semester in specified, pre-arranged courses.
  4. Lunch in the cafeteria on days when the university classes are in session.

Off-campus activities/expenditures

  1. Museum fees for assigned course work.
  2. Official excursions outside of St. Petersburg, as well as approved course related outings.
  3. One cultural evening event in St Petersburg (which may be a ballet, theater presentation or folk show depending on what is available and other considerations).

To request information on fees for a specific term, send an e-mail to Janyne (janynej@gmail.com )

The Student and his or her home collage or university provides for:

1.Travel expenses of the student to and from St. Petersburg.
2.Medical Insurance for the student.
3.Visas and visa fees for the student. This includes expenses for the Letter of Invitation (LOI), which is needed to obtain a visa1.
4.Student monthly allotment to cover:
a) Meals not provided in SPbCU dining hall.
b) Transportation expenses as needed for travel within the city.
с) Personal expenses.

The amount of these expenses will be determined and set by the home institution/the student him- or herself.