Saint Petersburg Christian University is active internationally in the academic, educational and social spheres.
As a theological school, SPbCU reflects the trend of developing theological education in the post-Soviet areas, and still partners with various foreign academic institutions.

In August of 2005, SPbCU hosted an international conference of New Testament researchers.
In May of 2007, the fifth International Theoretical and Practical conference, dedicated to the 10th year anniversary of the passing of the «Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations», was held and included participants from the United States and Europe.
In May of 2008, an international theoretical and practical conference on «Christianity and the Solution of Social Problems» was held. Around fifty people participated from various cities in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, and the United States. There many desires expressed to make this conference more periodical and have it based at SPbCU no less than once every 1-2 years. Many of the participants highlighted the high level of organization of the conference in that the reports given indeed presented topical questions.