Images of God in the Bible, History, Theology, and Art

Images of God in the Bible, History, Theology, and Art

An International Theological Conference

Saint Petersburg Christian University (SPbCU) will be hosting its annual international theological conference exploring this year’s theme of “Images of God in the Bible, History, Theology, and Art” from April 19-20, 2018. The transcendent God of the Bible is expressed to our understanding throughvarious visual, verbal, acoustic, and sensory images. One can perceive God and speak about God only by means of these images and abstract concepts available to our human perception.

The purpose of this year’s conference is to engage Russian and international specialists in a joint discussion of the Biblical images of God (visual, verbal and acoustic) that have existed in different cultures throughout various historical periods.

Those interested in presenting a conference paper should provide a proposal title and abstract (up to 300 words) in one of the following areas:
– Images of God in the Bible (Old and New Testament)
– Images of God in apocryphal and Early Church literature and art
– Veneration of icons and iconoclasm
– The Image of God in the thought of the magisterial and radical reformers
– The Image of God in the thought of Russian Protestantism
– The Image of God in secular art and literature
– The Image of God in theology and psychology

The conference will bring together leading specialists (biblical scholars, historians, theologians, and art historians) from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. Papers presented during the conference will be published in a compendium.

Housing Information:Accommodations are available for non-resident conference participants at the hotel located on the university campus. Accommodations are covered gratis for conference presenters. For other participants, the cost is 750 rubles/day for a shared room or 1500 rubles/day for a single room. Additionally, non-Russian participants will need to pay 350 rubles for registration at the hotel. For information, contact the hotel manager at

Meals during the conference:
Meals will be served in the university cafeteria at a cost of 180 rubles for breakfast and 270 rubles for lunch. Conference presenters will be served breakfast and lunch. If you plan to eat some or all of your meals at the cafeteria, then you should designate which days and meals on the application form.

Transportation Information:
All transportation costs are covered by the conference participants.

Conference Application:
The conference application can be found on the website Applications should be completed and received by the university by February 15, 2018. Applications should be sent to
The decision as to whether a paper will be included in the conference will be communicated to the participant no later than March 1, 2018.
Completed (and edited) papers for will be accepted for publication until May 15, 2018. The Conference Committee reserves the right to refuse presentation and publication if an article is found not meet accepted academic standards.
The conference is sponsored by Saint Petersburg Christian University (SPbCU), located at Narvskiy Prospect 13b, Saint Petersburg, Russia 190020.