Saint-Petersburg Christian University is an unique multidenominational educational institution within the territory of Russia.

DSC06916_smallIt is a non-profit organization that depends, in part, on the gifts of others to help support the academic instruction, spiritual nurture, and experiential enrichment offered to students.

More than ever, SPbCU students have opportunities at their disposal to develop themselves and become effective leaders – as Christians – in whatever vocation God has called them.

We hope you will invest in their futures by making a gift to the University today.

Whether you elect to allocate your gift to student scholarships, selected programs, your help is vital to our success at preparing young men and women for life, and for Saint-Petersburg Christian University to serve God well.
Each gift will bring changes into our service. Please help us today. Thank you.

support1_smallThe most actual question is how my gift can help to SPbCU?
You can help:

• to the student to go to new missionary trips>>

• to support students of SPbCU>>

• to support teachers of SPbCU>>

• Please support our library!My Wish List

• to improve the material base of our university town

• to decrease the cost of education consequently to
give an opportunity to more people to enter the university

• to support students in their sport and music projects

• to give a chance to the university to help in extra needs and new proposals

How you can give your money:
• to send it to the account from the bank >>
• to give money in the cash desk of the university