Making Education Attainable

We are so grateful for men and women who seek to invest in preparing and equipping this generation of Saint-Petersburg Christian University students to be globally sensitive in a world desperate for hope.

You can provide scholarship support to financially deserving students. Every dollar raised is awarded directly to students who would not be here without it.

Without support, we would risk losing young men and women seeking to fulfill our critical mission. Partners stand in the gap for many who will indeed serve and lead in every career field – the arts, education, ministry, health care, social services and so on.

Join the many friends of Saint-Petersburg Christian University, who are helping students impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

• Recipients generally work at least one full-time summer job and as many as 30-35 hours per week during the academic year.
• They have exhausted every means of support available to them yet still come up short of the finances they need to pay tuition.
• Some are from families with a combined annual income that is less than the cost of one year at Saint-Petersburg Christian University.
• Recipients are students who humbly and gratefully accept the support they receive through Partners. They are inspired knowing that our Partners contribute to their education without even knowing who they are. This is providential to our students.