The basis of this collection of works by Martin Luther offered to the reader were the works of the initial period of the formation of the Reformation doctrine, the proclamation “To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation” in 1520, in which Luther refuted the stable prejudice concerning the superiority of the spiritual estate over the secular, and his 1520 treatise “On the Freedom of a Christian” in which Luther concisely and easily explains the very essence of the Reformation doctrine of the freedom of Christian conscience. Lastly, “On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church”, newly translated into Russian and serving as title for the collection, demonstrates how the ruling Papal Church had strayed from Christ’s true teachings on the sacraments.

In this present edition the reader will become more acquainted with “On the Babylonian Captivity” and with pieces of Luther’s “Dissertations” (1535-1545), translated for the first time into Russian by the St. Petersburg Martin Luther Society on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. Also published for the first time in Russian by this department is a translation from the 14th century of “German Theology”, a manuscript which Luther himself discovered at the beginning of his personal journey, and which he first published in Wittenburg in 1516.

The collection also contains fragments of Russian translations of the once famous, now sadly nearly forgotten, authors whose understanding of the Reformation may well have contributed to modern university courses not only of history, but also of the history of the Reformation. All those interested in history, philosophy, and the theology of Protestantism are encouraged to get their copy today!


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