The School of Spiritual Mentorship (SSM) aims to develop spiritual skills of mentorship in a minister, so that through him and his skills, he will be effective in guiding people closer to Christ.

«SSM is a unique advancement in spiritual growth of fellowship and closeness with God» — Ivan Makarenko, Vice-Rector of SPbCU

«I would recommend this material to ministers, who mwant to strengthen their relationship with God. Thanks to it and fellowship with a mentor, God changed me. It helps to identify the more right way, to end up realizing God’s plans in your life». — Alexander Akimov, director of «Youth for Christ» Mission, St. Petersburg.

SSM is compiled of 12 4-hour seminars, which include lectures, discussions, spiritual excerices, tasks, and interviews which help personal spiritual strength f the minister. SSM is specifically for ministers older than 30 years old, and who have had at least 7 years of experience.

For further questions, and contact with SSM:
Tel.: (812) 747-25-47