Tatyana Nikolskaya

Tatyana Nikolskaya

Head of the Department of Church History at SPbCU

Degree - Candidate of Historical Sciences (PhD)

Disciplines: History of the Church before the Reformation, the history of the Church from the Reformation to the present day, the history of the evangelical movement in Russia, the history of the Russian Orthodox Church , the method of historical research.

Research interests:
History of Russia in the 20th century, Russian Protestantism (Evangelical Christians, Baptists, Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventists) and state power, the history of the Messianic (Jewish Christian) movement, the historical literature.

List of publications:
Russian Protestant and state power in the years 1905-1991. Spb.: Publishing the European University at St. Petersburg. 2009. – 356. [16.] Il.

Articles on the history of Christianity:
Christian topic in modern rock poetry (based on youth self-publishing) / / Russian rock poetry: text and context. Vol. 3. Tver: Tver State University. 2000. P.129-134.
Christian rock poetry 1990. in the religious and social context / / Russian rock poetry: text and context. Vol. 4. Tver: Tver State University. 2000. P.148-153.
Russian Protestant and State Power (1965-1991) / / Source. Historian. History: Collected papers. Vol. 1. SPb.: Univ of the European University at St. Petersburg. 2001. S.429-469.
Russian Protestants in the Leningrad and Novgorod regions (1944-1960 gg.): Based on materials of Commissioners SDRK / / Source. Historian. History: Collected papers. Vol. 2. SPb.: Univ of the European University at St. Petersburg. 2002. S.272-291.
Russian Protestants and sectarians in Porkhov Territory / Local lore reading. Porkhov-Holomki. Pskov: POIPKRO, 2002. S.142-148.
In 1917 the fate of Russian Protestants / / Cause and days. Scientific works of the Russian State Historical Archive. SPb.: Synthesis, 2004. S.214-241.
Russian Protestantism as a subculture / Christianity and World Culture. Proceedings of the conference, “St. Petersburg Christian reading” May 21, 2004 St. Petersburg.: Saint Petersburg Christian University. 2004. P.79-82.
History of the movement Baptist Initiators / Almanac of the history of Russian Baptists. Vol.3. SPb.: The Bible for all. 2004. P.63-94.
Soviet religious policy and the struggle with the Protestant underground in 1960-1980-s / / A new political history. Collection of scientific papers. Vol.4. SPb.: Univ of the European University at St. Petersburg, Aletheia. 2004. S.233-252.
Experience in creating a guide to the history of the evangelical movement in St. Petersburg / Saint Petersburg. Three centuries of history. New discoveries and materials. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference 27-28 November 2003 St. Petersburg.: “Nestor”. 2004. Pp.45-47.
Valaam Monastery in the reports on the status of the Diocese of Finland / / Valaam Monastery: spiritual traditions, history and culture. Proceedings of Second International Conference September 29 – October 1, 2003. SPb.: Holy Transfiguration Valaam Monastery. 2004. P.127-133.
Russian Protestantism in the approval stage of legalization (1905-1917 gg.) / / Theological reflection. Euro-Asian Journal of Theology (Odessa, Ukraine). № 4. 2004. S.161-181.
Russian Protestants during Khrushchev’s antireligious campaign / Protestantism and Protestants in Russia: Past, Present, Future. Proceedings of the theological and practical conference. May 2004. Vol. II. Zaoksky: Source of life. 2004.
Pentecostalism in the Northwest / Evangelist (city Maloyaroslavets). № 3. 2004. P.20-22.
Evangelical movement in the Leningrad region / / Christian word (Moscow). № 1. 2005. P.14-16.Specificity of interpretation of the Bible in the Protestant underground (post-war years) / / Background of prayer and Scripture for the modern man. Proceedings of the first international scientific and theological conference, “Spirituality in the Christian tradition.” October 2005. Nizhny Novgorod, 2006. P.143-149.
Pentecostalism in St. Petersburg / Christ, the Gospel, Russia. Collection of conference materials, “St. Petersburg Christian reading. SPb. 2006. P.54-59.
Baptists as a Symbol of Sectarianism in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia. Co-authorship with Alexander Negrov / / Eastern European Baptist History: New Perspectives. International Baptist Theological Seminary / Prague, Czech Republic, 2007. R.133-142.
Baptist Church during Khrushchev’s antireligious campaign / / 140 years of Russian Baptists. Past, present, future. Materials Science and theological conference of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christian Baptist. Moscow, 18-19 October 2007 Moscow: MS E: HB. 2008.
Baptist Church and The August agreement / / Guest (Donetsk). № 2. 2010. P.28-31.
The August agreement, and the position of Pentecostals in the 1940 – 50-ies. In print.
Catacomb forms of Russian Protestantism. In print.
The Case of the Leningrad Pentecostals. In print.
History of the movement Baptist Initiators. Revised and expanded version. In print.

Articles on the history of the Jews
Juutalaiskristityt Venajalla 1800-luvulla. (Messianic Jews in the nineteenth century). Avainsanoma. Finland. 1995. N 3.
Tcherniakov Gertsenshtein. In collaboration with AA Popov. / / From the depths of time. Almanac. Vol. 6. St. Petersburg, 1996..
Gregory B. Iollos (1859 – 1907) / / From the depths of time. Almanac. Vol. 9. Spb., 1997.
Adolf Abramovich Joffe. In print.

Literature and historical fiction
History with many unknowns (memory DM Balashov). In collaboration with the IS Katchenkovoy / North. Monthly social, political and literary and art magazine (Petrozavodsk). № 1-2. 2003. pp. 144-152.
Novel “Demons” and the prophecies of the Russian religious history of the twentieth century / Dostoevsky and modernity. Proceedings of XIX International Old Russian readings of 2004. Great Novgorod, 2005. pp. 150-154.
Time of the Maccabees. Part 1. Historical novel / Lily of the valleys. Christian literary almanac (Barrow). № 1. 2005.
The clash of ideas in the “Land of Scoundrels” A.S. Esenin / Legacy of Esenin and Russian national idea: a modern look. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference. Ryazan ‘: Ryazan state. Ped. Univ, 2005. pp.313-319.
Great Novgorod in prose Balashov / brow. Almanac Novgorod State University. Yaroslav the Wise (Great Novgorod). № 2. 2007. pp. 53-54.
The religious life of the Russian Middle Ages / brow. Almanac Novgorod State University. Yaroslav the Wise (Great Novgorod). № 1. 2008. pp. 74-75.

Contact information:
Phone: (812) 747-25-47
Email address: niktk@spbcu.spb.ru
Mailing address: PO Box 85, St. Petersburg, 194354, Russia
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