The Academic Consultative Council (ACC) at Saint Petersburg Christian University is comprised of members of evangelical churches in St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region,  a volunteer group of Christians, who have a degree and academic title and possess intellectual and spiritual potential for serving the Church and society.

As the ACC grows, evangelical Christians from Russia and abroad can become members.
The ACC was created to help the development of evangelical Christianity and Christian education, securing and spreading evangelical values in their diversity, teaching in tolerance, creating Christian dialogue and church partnerships, peacemaking, and joining for the realization of religious and citizen rights and freedoms.

The Fundamental Goals of the ACC include:

  1. Expert consultation and academic help for evangelical churches and Christian organizations in the region or Russia (for example: creating methodological aid, and consulting for problem solving), in an informal education of church leadership.
  2.  To realize the interaction amongst evangelical academics; to coordinate activities of evangelical academics of the region to accomplish studies on various topics, to help them with filing documents, hosting conferences, symposiums and conventions, and to ensure assistance in implementing new methods and activities of the church and organization.
  3.  Academic and methodical help in studying the contemporary religious situations and monitoring their dynamics that concern the evangelical Christian organizations and congregations.
  4.  Assistance in research in the areas of new forms of Christian missions in light of globalization and modernization of our society.
  5. To gain the attention of Christian and secular society to the problems of Christian education and spiritual disciplinary approach of the youth.
  6.  To help SPbCU and other evangelical organizations in hosting joint events and social action on various levels.
  7.  To guide and assist the students of SPbCU and other evangelical students in academic research works.