Our University is a religious organization: an institution of professional religious education.

In the Russian Federation, SPbCU has a status of the highest religious (spiritual) institution of education, which gives higher theological Christian education in bachelors and masters programs.

Education at SPbCU is implemented on the foundation of evangelical values. In all spheres of activity, the University aims to create terms which promote spiritual growth and the advancement of a high academic level. Following the calling of God, the University prepares Christians for service and leadership in the church and society.
The highest body of administration at SPbCU is the Board of Directors. In its composition, the Board is international, interdenominational and evangelical. If needed, the Board invites necessary people to work in the Board, and instead of leaving members it invited new members, according to the recommendation of the chairman or rector.

The Board renders itself as spiritual support for the rector, administration, faculty and students of the University. The Board, in every way possible, promotes the realization of interests of the University, its advancement, and execution of its programs. The members of the Board of Directors are faithful to its mission and apply all their strength its fulfillment, have a positive vision for the University’s future, develop further relations of the University with the public, and make decisions which shape the basic direction of all activity of the University.


Executive Committee of the Board:
Lev Grinfeld – chairman, director of radiostation ТМR, pastor, St.Peterburg
Dmitry Polyakov – vice-chairman,  chairman St.Petersburg Christian Сooperation,  chairman ACCR, pastor “Union Christian” church, St.Peterburg
Henry Martins – entrepreneur, Logos-Canada
Harold Peters – Salmon, Canada
Valeriy Alikin – rector SPbSU


Members of the Board:
Pavel Kolesnikov, chairman “ВСЕХ”, pastor, Zelenograd
Harold Peters – Salmon, Canada                                                                                                                                                        .