Hebrew scrolls in the St.Petersburg Christian university

On November 15, an exciting event was held in the conference hall of SPbCU, where the entire faculty and student body were gathered. It was dedicated to the presentation of the hebrew scrolls of Esther and Torah to St. Petersburg Christian University.

The event was attended by the famous writer, publicist, Protestant (Evangelical Christianity) preacher, philanthropist, Josh McDowell, as well as founders of God`s Ancient Library and Karysse Trandem a Physician a surgeon, International missionary, singer.

Josh McDowell in his presentation told us that it is important for us to know about the Torah, how the sacred text was written, what objects and materials were used.

The guests shared amazing facts, incredible discoveries, and research experience in the study of sacred texts. “We love God’s word very much!” – they said. “For us, the Torah scroll embodies the work, love, knowledge and craft of generations of scribes who painstakingly kept the scriptures so that future generations not only knew their content, but also could see the beauty of God’s word in their beautiful handwritten lines.”

The Torah scroll is an important addition to understanding of the language and history of the Old Testament.

“We hope that the Torah scroll and the Esther book scroll will enrich you, bring substantial benefits and serve to study the Word of God, and open up new opportunities for study at your university.”

The President of the University, from teachers and students thanked our guests and presented them some Russian gifts.

The event ended with a common prayer of thanks to God!