Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I greet you all here on the official web portal of St. Petersburg Christian University, a modern center of theological education! This website proudly presents all the relevant and useful information related to our university and its activities.

The university portal offers answers to questions for all who have an interest in the school, wish to study here, or who are interested in the conferences which take place on campus. Whether you’re a prospective student (both Russian and foreign), an employee, a student, an alumnus, or simply a curious web-traveler, all are welcome to explore all that our portal has to offer!

St. Petersburg Christian University is a leader in today’s Russian theological education, honoring both our history and traditions, while also seeking to continuously develop new and more powerful ways to serve God, the Church, and society at large!

One such development at Saint-Petersburg Christian University is the way in which we direct Christian educational and scholarly research activities. This approach arises from the premise that the Divine is only partially known to us, while at the same time the Truth is revealed to us which then empowers us to solve issues which come up within our Christian communities and within society. As we contemplate the mysteries of God as Creator and of creation itself, we are better able to create models for godly service in both the church and the society outside its walls.

The educational efforts at Saint-Petersburg Christian University are focused on correctly interpreting and implementing our curriculum within context in such a way as to transform the character and personalities of both our faculty and students. Our instructors don’t just master the basics of their fields, but also guide their students to better understand their pasts, their present situations, and even improve their futures!

Here at Saint-Petersburg Christian University, we constantly organize different conferences of both a practical and theological nature, inviting leading experts from around the world to participate in compelling events which stimulate both the mind and the spirit of those in attendance.

Our university provides educational activities which meet today’s needs as we train tomorrow’s ministers and church workers. We are steadily in the process of developing and training professionals who will be able to serve with competence and a high quality of education, thus providing all with an opportunity to discover their own potential and become the spiritually mature person God has intended them to be as they serve their churches and society. With these skills and knowledge, our graduates go out into the world dedicated and competent leaders ready to serve and support their home churches!