Sergey Samoylenkov

Sergey Samoylenkov

1976-1980 Orlovsky Engineering College (Technologist)
1991-1994 SPHU (Bachelor of Theology)
1994-1996 EAAA (Master of Theology),
1998-2000, UNISA, South Africa (Master of Missiology).
Position: Head of the Department of Theology and Praktichesakogo WSL. Pastor of “Logos” Baptist Church, St. Petersburg.Disciplines: Evangelism and Discipleship, Homiletics, Missiology, Practical Ecclesiology, Pastoral studies.

Research interests:
The church is going through difficult times. It is important that knowledge is not stuck in one’s brain and on the pages of books. It requires analysis and understanding of the situation in order to practically realize the potential of the church in its development and implementation of its intended mission. Therefore, the region of interest extended to all that relates to the practical side of Christianity. I do monthly live broadcasts on radio Teos and TSR (Trans world radio).

Contact information:
Phone: (812) 747-2547
Email address:
Mailing address: Narvsky Pr., PO Box 211, St. Petersburg, 190020, Russia


Религиозная организация — духовная образовательная организация высшего образования евангельских христиан-баптистов Санкт-Петербургский христианский университет
Нарвский пр-т 13 Б,
Санкт-Петербург, 190020
Телефон: 7 (812) 747-2547
Факс: 7 (812) 300-8146

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