Can we trust what he says?

Can we trust what he says?

Echoes of Jesus

New York Times bestselling books have taken the view that the oldest New Testament documents paint a very different picture to later copies. Others are of the opinion original gospel accounts were never intended to be historically accurate.

Many people assume that the bias of original NT authors distorted their recollections of Jesus, and Jesus’ words were not put into written form for several decades, allowing distortion to occur.

What would you say?

What do you believe and why?

Echoes of Jesus equips you with evidence in an engaging manner, following along a logical journey of discovery. When you’ve read this book you will:

  • understand how literate and historically aware the ancient civilisations were
  • appreciate how it was possible for first disciples to accurately record Jesus’ life and teachings
  • have a highly readable explanation of ancient New Testament documents and know what they say about accuracy in copying
  • know the content and credibility of non-Christian ancient literature that comment on Jesus and the first Christians.
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