Congratulations on the anniversary from the rector of the university!

Congratulations on the anniversary from the rector of the university!

Dear students, faculty members, staff, Board members, sponsors, and friends of SPBCU, as well as all those who studied, worked, served, and helped the university in various functions and capacities:

This year, on October 30th, Saint Petersburg Christian University celebrates its 30th anniversary! These 30 years have been a testimony to the fulfillment of God’s plan and God’s grace in our ministry of equipping and building up the Church of Jesus Christ throughout the world by providing theological education that is relevant and of high quality!

Each one of you is the Lord’s unique instrument in carrying out His work under the name of SPbCU! Our university would not have become what it is today without your active and generous participation. We appreciate it very much and thank you for the contribution you have made to this project over the years. On behalf of the graduates, current students, faculty, and staff, I would like to say from the bottom of my heart: “Thank you very much!” You have really served our Lord through your prayers, your time, your finances, and your sacrifices, both material and physical.

We are sure that each of you has something different to remember from your stay at the university. The Lord has been faithful to all of us! Thus, united with you we would also like to give all the glory to our God for his mercies, blessings, provision, answers to prayers, and many miracles that the Lord has performed over the past 30 years! The history of the university is kept in the hearts and memories of those who created it, as well as those who have already stepped into the ranks of the “cloud of witnesses” (Heb. 12:1), cheering on those who continue to take their turn passing through SPbCU today!

Today our university is entering its fourth decade of life and activity. In front of us, as always, there are a variety of goals, tasks, and challenges. We are confident that with God’s help and your support through prayer as well as any other possible contribution, we will be able to continue to carry out the mission assigned to the university: preparing believers for the work of service, for the strengthening of the Body of Christ, and the preaching of the Gospel to the very ends of the earth!

Once again, I cordially congratulate each of you on our common dies natalis and anniversary of Saint Petersburg Christian University!

Respectfully and wishing you all great joy and blessings from the Lord,

Valerii Alikin

SPbCU rector


P.S. This year, due to the global epidemiological situation, the celebration will be held at the university in a limited in-house format with all necessary precautions. We hope that in May 2021 the situation will change, and we will be able to host you at a more complete official celebration of the anniversary of SPbCU. The anniversary year has only just begun for all of us!