Scripctoriom with Scott Carroll

Scripctoriom with Scott Carroll

On November 20, at 11:30 am, a meeting of students with our guest, Dr. Scott Carroll, was held at the Christian University Library.

Scott Carroll – Ph.D., a specialist in biblical archeology, founder of the Museum of the Bible in Washington.

In his presentation, Scott Carroll presented findings that clarify events reflected in biblical texts. Hundreds of thousands of written sources containing valuable information about the biblical world and Bible texts have been preserved. The lecturer spoke about one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time – the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls “Qumran Scrolls”. The hundreds of thousands of texts found were examined and identified, proving to us that the book of the Prophet Isaiah copied with the accuracy of 96%, the manuscripts of the New Testament copied with the accuracy of 99.8%.

“This amazing testimony gives us confidence that the Bible we read today conveys the same meaning as in Old and New Testament times.” Scott Carroll explained the opportunities and results that were achieved with the latest laser technologies that are used in Cambridge and Oxford. In a literal sense, it is possible to resurrect a washed text that was on papyrus.

Dr. Carroll discovered a unique method of extracting letter, from under existing texts, and text from papyrus that covered the mummy, while preserving the decorative layer of the mask. One of the texts was in Greek from the first Book of Kingdoms. “This is amazing

The presentation made strong impression and aroused great interest among the audience. Dr. Carroll proposed all participants to meet again and invited to the exhibition “Russia and the Bible,” where he serves as a curator.

For students of our University, this event will be a good continuation and the opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient Biblical manuscripts and artefacts as well as ask questions.