Nadezhda Tarasenko

Position - Lecturer of the Department of Biblical Studies

Degree - PhD in Theological Education, MTh in Theology, MTh in Biblical Studies

Sergey Samoylenkov

Education: 1976-1980 Orlovsky Engineering College (Technologist) 1991-1994 SPHU (Bachelor of Theology) 1994-1996 EAAA (Master of Theology), 1998-2000, UNISA, South Africa (Master of Missiology). Position: Head of the Department of Theology and Praktichesakogo WSL. Pastor of “Logos” Baptist Church, St. Petersburg.Disciplines: Evangelism and Discipleship, Homiletics, Missiology, Practical Ecclesiology, Pastoral studies. Research interests: The church is going […]

Tatyana Nikolskaya

Head of the Department of Church History at SPbCU

Degree - Candidate of Historical Sciences (PhD)

Maria Karyakina

Position: Vice Rector for Master’sprogram, faculty.

Degree: Master of Theology (MTh) in Biblical Studies (UNISA, RSA), PhD (University of Pretoria, RSA).

John Gerig

Degree - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate

Natalya Vlasikhina

Director of the Bachelor of Christian Studies program.

  Counseling and Psychology Head of the Department of Psychology and Education Pedagogical Disciplines: Counseling, Psychology, Marriage and Family, and Conflict Resolution. Education: St. Petersburg-Gerzin Pedagogical University, specialization: teacher-psychologist   Seminars conducted in local churches: The Family – Myth or Reality Conflict – Danger or Opportunity Team Building Happiness is When People Understand You   […]

Valery Alikin

Degree - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Alexander Negrov (Ph.D.) – New Testament, Hermeneutics, Leadership

Head of the Graduate School of Leadership of SPbCU

Degree - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in New Testament studies.

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