Leading in the church and society

The graduate schoole of leadership (GSL) exist to innovattively connect Judeo-Christian values with Leadership and Management studies.

Our goal is to equip Christian leaders in their chosen vocation to be highly effective in practice and values. We achieve this goal by providing biblical and theological teaching of the highlest quality and traning in proven contemporary approaches of leadership, thereby developing Christian leaders equipped to advance with distination throughout the word/

The GSL is annovative project aims to foster effective and ethical leadership in individuals, groups and organizations. We aim to offer leaders formal and non-formal training on different educational levels and formats.




Our vision is to become a leading school of Christian leadership in Eurasia.

This is being accomplished as we continue to develop our reputation for academic exellence, scholarship, action and the continual and significant explansion of our reach and enrollment.

We are committed to delivering exellent Biblical and professionally groundeed educational programs, both on campus and online in order to prepare Christian leaders for lives of significant purpose and service, in the Church, in business, and in the world of academia.

“My vision is to emplower gifted leaders to integrate contemporary business skills with biblical principles for word class leadership in our churches, businesses and centers of education”.

“The results will bring amazing change for us all!”
Alexander Negrov, PhD, Head og Leadership Studies Department and Dean of Graduate School of Leadership.

The saint-Petersburg Christian Univercity, Graduate Shcool of Leadership (GSL), is uniquely developed to impart Godly values and methods for today’s emerging leaders and enterpreneurs to make a way for real change in contemporary society.

GSL strives to:

  • Strengthen ties between those who study and those who practice leadership
  • Foster effective and ethical leadership in individuals, groups and organizations
  • Transform leadership knowledge and practice in Eurasia

M.A. in Leadership
SpbCU is the first of Christian Univercity in the Former Soviet Union to offer comprehensive executive education for local Christian leaders.

An inrodution to the M.A. Course
Leadership and managements skills can be taught and applied across a wide range of organizations, both Christian and secular. Leaders and goode managers are needed to lead across functional boundaries to produce superior results. Our core curriculum emphasizes teamwork and shows how to apply classroom lessons in the wider world/ The nature of the Vaster of Arts in Leadership Studies is interdisciplinary, intercultural, international, and organisational. The degree program provides an action-oriented research emphasis to enable informed analysis and effective decision making.

Length and format
Our students study for 3 years.
Students come to St.Petersburg twice a year for intensive study session with the faculty and fellow students.
Our students body includes Church leaders, non-profit professionaks, entrepreneurs and business stewards.
Working side by side in study groups, students forge spiritual, personal and professional bonds that will last a life time.
Between the study sessions students use the opportunities to visit each other, learn from each other and work towards potential joint projects.

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